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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation offers women voluminous, shapely breasts without implants. Fat transfer gives patients a smaller waist and fuller breasts in a single procedure. Dr. Sarah Mess specializes in fat transfer breast augmentation for body sculpting and implant free breast enhancement.

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Thinking About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Implant free breast augmentation can improve your life in a number of ways. Here are some of the many reasons to consider fat transfer breast augmentation surgery.

Breasts Are More Popular Than Butts

Fat transfer to the butt gets a lot of press (and a lot of Instagram), but fat transfer breast augmentation is actually performed more often than fat transfer to the butt. Fat transfer breast augmentation combines two top ranking cosmetic surgeries to deliver implant free breast augmentation and body contouring liposuction in a single procedure.

Look Great Without Implants

Fat transfer creates beautiful breasts that look and feel natural. So if you don’t want implants but wish your small B cup was a full C cup, fat transfer breast augmentation can provide the volume you are missing. If you already have implants, but wish you didn’t, fat transfer can replace your existing silicone or saline implants and let you maintain the breast size and shape you want.

Trim Your Bulges

Liposuction alone will improve your shape and help you feel more comfortable in or out of your clothes. When combined with fat transfer patients enjoy a thinner waist or slimmer thighs and a fuller bust at the same time.

Transform Your Figure

The combined treatment provides the whole body transformation patients love. Fat transfer breast augmentation accentuates the curves you want and eliminates the bulges you don’t.

Feel More Youthful

Age, breast feeding and weight fluctuations can lead to deflated and sagging breasts. This effect can lead to decreased confidence. Recreate the look and feel your breasts had when you were in your 20’s by restoring your lost volume. Patients that need a lift can combine fat transfer with a breast lift to provide full, lifted and youthful breasts.

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Before & After Photos

Fat Transfer breast augmentation implant exchange results. Patient aged 45-54 exchanged implants with fat transfer to augment her breast and provide volume and shape. Patient also underwent a tummy tuck procedure at the same time. 200cc implant to 375cc fat.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient age 25-34. Patient received four fat transfers with local anesthesia to augment tuberous breast resulting in significant improvement. Fat transfer provides excellent augmentation results in tuberous breast.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient age 18-24. Patient received three fat transfers with local anesthesia over a six month period to correct breast asymmetry and augment both breasts without implants.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient age 35-44. Single fat transfer procedure to replace existing 300cc breast implants with capsular contracture. Patient recieved 500cc fat to each breast.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient age 44-55. Two fat transfer sessions with abdominal harvest. Total fat transfer 500cc each side.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient age 45-54. Patient received two fat transfers to replace saline breast implants. 350 cc implants replaced with a total of 420cc fat transfer.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient age 34-45. Abdominal liposuction with single fat transfer procedure to replace existing 475 cc breast implants. Patient received 600 cc of fat transfer to each breast.

Patient aged 45-54 exchanged implants for fat transfer to augment her breast and provide volume and shape. Patient also underwent tummy tuck procedure at the same time as her breast fat transfer. Single fat transfer procedure to replace 390cc implants. Patient recieved 400cc of fat to each breast.

Implant Replacement with Fat Transfer to the Breast. Patient age 35-45 with implant rupture. Patient opted for fat transfer to the breast to replace 15 year old implants. Photos taken 6 weeks post procedure. 375cc implants replaced with 450cc fat transfer to each breast.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation patient age 45-54. Single fat transfer procedure to replace existing 350cc saline breast implants. Patient received 700 cc fat transfer to right breast and 640 cc of fat to left breast and went from a 34DD with implants to a 34DDD with fat transfer augmentation.

VECTRA® 3D Imaging

Our office utilizes VECTRA® 3D Imaging to provide a high-resolution, three-dimensional simulation of how your results may appear. During your consultation with Dr. Mess, your preferences and goals will be discussed to determine which procedures can achieve your desired results. You will have multiple photos taken from various angles, and the images are then transferred to our computer system. Using these photos, a three-dimensional model is created, and your simulated procedure results are added to display the expected outcome. This process allows a visual aspect for more accurate treatment plans and procedure result estimates.

Your Breast Augmentation Options

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a specialized type of liposculpture where fat is harvested from one or more areas of the body and then transferred to the breast with special cannulas. Typical harvest sites are the abdomen, flanks, or thighs. The procedure may be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on fat transfer volume and patient preference.

Breast Implant Revision with Fat

  • Breast implants do not last forever. Most women will have at least one revision surgery to remove or replace their breast implants.
  • Fat transfer is the ideal implant replacement. It provides natural, long term augmentation without silicone or saline implants.
  • Implant removal patients can maintain or even increase their augmented breast size with fat transfer.
  • Mega-volume fat transfer to the breast combines natural breast augmentation and significant body contouring for an unmatched body makeover.

Fat Transfer for Primary Breast Augmentation and Asymmetry Correction

  • Provides natural looking and feeling breast enhancement without implants. Patients may require multiple sessions to achieve their goals.
  • Breast asymmetry is difficult to correct with implants alone. Fat transfer provides excellent correction for breast asymmetry and can be used alone or in conjunction with implants.
  • Enjoy the benefits of liposuction in areas such as abdomen, flanks, or thighs while enhancing the size and appearance of your breast. Achieve a more shapely figure and proportionate style.

You’ve Just Had Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation! Now What?

Fat transfer recovery times will vary depending on the harvest sites and the patient’s individual anatomy, but the following general timeline gives you an idea of what to expect after fat transfer to the breast.

  • Immediately After

    After surgery, the breasts will be bandaged, and a compression garment will be applied to support the new breasts and liposuction harvest sites as they heal. Some discomfort may be present, but this will be alleviated with prescription medication.

  • 1 Week

    Most patients are able to return to work and light activities after the first week. Breasts will still be swollen, but most of the soreness will have subsided. Liposuction areas will still show bruising and may continue to be sore into the second or third week.

  • 3 Weeks

    Patients can resume light exercise.

  • 6 Weeks

    The majority of swelling resolves. Patients can generally resume exercise without restrictions.

  • 16 Weeks

    Final breast size will be evident and the most if not all swelling and numbness from liposuction harvest resolved.

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How much does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation cost?

We believe patients make better decisions when they understand the options and cost ranges for fat transfer to breast. We are happy to provide a basic price range for fat transfer to breast, but final costs cannot be determined prior to your consult with Dr. Mess.

Most breast fat transfer cases are scheduled for 3-4 hours. Some take a little less time, and others will require more. Patients can focus the lipo harvest in a single area or choose to add liposuction above what is needed for fat transfer.  (Thin patients can require multiple areas of liposuction to find enough fat to transfer). How much liposuction you choose or need will factor in to the overall procedure cost. Dr. Mess will help you determine the best options to achieve your aesthetic goals.

The best way to determine your procedure pricing is to come in for a consult with Dr. Mess. Our Columbia office is conveniently located and easily accessible from both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Our surgical estimates are comprehensive. Your breast fat transfer quote will include:

  • All appointments before and after your procedure
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Operating room fees and supply charges
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Post-surgical garments

Price Range for fat transfer to breast- $9000- $12000

(Your costs may fall outside of this range. Breast implant removal, multi-site liposcution or large volume liposuction above the lipoharvest requirement may result in higher fees.)

Have more questions about fat transfer breast augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation with Dr. Sarah Mess can slim your trouble areas while simultaneously increasing your bust size. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about how fat transfer can enhance your breasts and your confidence today!

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