What a difference! I am so happy with my new redesigned breasts. People used to focus on my big chest and now instead they’ll be admiring my perky perfectly shaped breasts. Now I just have to focus on getting rid of that excess weight through my middle so I can look totally awesome. :o) Thanks so much for everything!

The Cool Sculpting procedure was quick and easy! It made a big difference in my life and I feel good about myself. Dr. Mess and her staff were very professional, supportive, and friendly. It was well worth it because I am in a smaller pant size!

The Breast reduction / reconstructive surgery I had was probably the best decision I have ever made. I am only 25 years old and I thought I was alone in the way my breasts looked. They were huge, saggy, and my nipples were large and stretched. I quickly learned from looking at pictures from the office that I was not alone. I saw their after pictures and I couldn’t wait to have the procedure done. The women in the office were very kind and helpful. Dr. Mess herself is so sweet. They made me feel very comfortable. Friends and family of mine who had it done years ago told me it was the best thing they ever did. Of course it’s much different and an easier process now than when they all had it done. I’m almost two and a half months out from surgery. I feel so great. I have so much more confidence. I get into tears just thinking about how much better I feel. Thank you Dr. Mess and staff. You did a wonderful job and I’m very happy with my results.

This entire experience has been such and good one and life changing at that. You all were a big part in my success due to the wonderful care you all have given me. You all are so kind, encouraging and have been a blessing.

Everything is going GREAT with me and my new arms 🙂 I smile EVERY time I look at them, I can’t thank you enough, trust me, it has been a life changing experience. I was telling someone about you (Dr. Mess) and how amazing you and the girls were from day 1 at my consult right up until my last post-op appointment.

Speaking to Dr. Sarah Mess and her staff simply helped me to confirm that I was finally making the correct choice for me. The Northwest Hospital staff were absolutely sweet and understanding.

As for the results, I could not be more pleased! My surgery was on Friday and by Monday morning I felt almost completely my old self. Better still, I discovered that Dr. Mess remembered our conversation and didn’t simply go with the original decision to implant 250 ccs. In my case, she truly did prove to be the best mix between her parents, the doctor and the artist. I love the way my clothes fit and for the first time in my life I have a reason to purchase a bra. I feel like a lady and my husband is just as excited, of course! Thank you!

I have lived with these scars on my stomach for 25 years. I have not used a bikini during those years. Dr. Mess gave me an opportunity to love my body and to live a normal life.

I am a forty eight year old woman that had large breasts all my life. My breast size was very disproportionate, my left breast was a size “I” and my right breast was a size “G”, so I compromised and special ordered size “H” cup bras. I had such large breasts that three vertebra in my mid back (bra strap area) have begun to fuse together. I was having chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. At this time I began to think about having some medical steps taken to reduce the problem.

At the age of forty seven I decided it was time to see a doctor before I had to resort to back surgery. I live in rural Nebraska and there are not many plastic surgeons near my home so I proceeded to search the internet. During my search I found there are a lot of doctors that specialize in breast enhancement but not many that can make a reduction look natural.

Dr. Sarah Mess is located in Maryland, quite a way from Nebraska, but everything I saw and read about her was exceptional. Upon my first meeting with Dr. Mess I was very impressed because she was very kind and dedicated to her patients and staff. Dr. Mess was excited at the possibilities that she could obtain for me though I was unable to see what she was envisioning.

Dr. Mess performed breast reduction and an abdominoplasty. This is a lot of surgery to be done at once but I recommend dual surgery to anyone considering these two.

It was probably five days after the surgery that I finally saw myself. I had such an emotional reaction. I couldn’t believe that the reflection that I saw in the mirror was actually MY body. The difference was so amazing that I cried tears of joy. I continue to be amazed at my reflection even after three weeks. The care given after my surgery was as wonderful as the care that was taken before and during the procedure. The ladies on staff at the office are so caring, kind, considerate and fun that it is a joy to go in for post-op visits.

I wish I could find a way to let Dr. Mess understand the complete change she has made in my life. Not only did she take almost five pounds off of my breasts, she took years of humiliation, embarrassment and disgust out of my life. I will be forever grateful to this amazing woman. Thank you again Dr. Mess.