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Dr. Sarah Mess

Combining Artistry
With Surgery

Dr. Sarah Mess is proud to offer a wide selection of cosmetic enhancement and reconstructive procedures to help you feel more confident and beautiful.

Meet Your Surgeon

Dr. Sarah Mess
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“I believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. That life is made up of a collection of moments, and that as a plastic surgeon, I can help make more of those moments special.”

About Dr. Mess

Fat Transfer to Breast

Fat transfer breast augmentation offers women voluminous, shapely breasts without implants. Fat transfer gives patients a smaller waist and fuller breasts in a single procedure. Dr. Sarah Mess specializes in fat transfer breast augmentation for body sculpting and implant free breast enhancement.

Thinking About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

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Rejuvenate Your Face and Body

Many patients come to see Dr. Sarah Mess from the Baltimore, and Washington DC areas because of her ability to provide their face and body with a revitalized look that appears naturally youthful. For all of your cosmetic needs, please call (410) 910-2350 to schedule a consultation.

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Tighten your abs, butt and thighs

Dr. Mess is now proud to offer Emsculpt®. Emsculpt® trims, firms, and sculpts the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs by reducing fat and building muscle.

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Freeze the stubborn fat away!

One of the first plastic surgeon in Maryland and Washington DC to offer CoolSculpting®, Dr. Mess is also one of the few to offer DualSculpting®. With two systems we can treat two areas at the same time which cuts your treatment time in half!

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Erase years of sun damage.

Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Resurfacing Laser treatments restore your youthful glow without the downtime of other laser treatments. You can erase years of sun damage in one single treatment.

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Renuvion J-Plasma

Skin Tightening to Improve Laxity

Dr. Sarah Mess is the first Maryland physician to offer non-surgical body skin tightening with cutting-edge, minimally invasive Renuvion™/J-Plasma® treatment.  Renuvion™/J-Plasma® can achieve the fit, firm physique you desire without major surgery.

Your Transformation.
What Are Your Options?

Dr. Sarah Mess combines surgical expertise with the newest advances in non-invasive fat reduction, skin tightening technologies, lasers and fat transfer to offer the very best aesthetic results for both her surgical and non-surgical patients.

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