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Sometimes it can be challenging to imagine what the outcome of a cosmetic treatment will be. Looking at before and after photos and diligently researching a procedure can be helpful, but every individual has particular anatomical and aesthetic needs that are not always reflected in other patients or their results. With VECTRA® 3D Imaging, patients no longer have to wonder what kind of improvement can be achieved with surgical or non-surgical treatments. This technology takes detailed three-dimensional digital images of a patient, which can be manipulated by a qualified surgeon to demonstrate the potential results of their desired procedure.

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What Is VECTRA® 3D Imaging?

VECTRA® 3D is a state-of-the-art imaging technology that allows surgeons to simulate the results of specific procedures so that patients can visualize their improvements before treatment begins. After a thorough assessment of the target area, Dr. Mess can develop an entirely customized procedure plan that reflects a patient’s unique needs. VECTRA® 3D then generates an accurate, three-dimensional depiction of the outcome.

VECTRA® 3D Imaging Procedures

VECTRA® 3D is appropriate for testing various procedural options to discover the ideal approach for each patient’s specific needs. Dr. Mess utilizes cutting-edge VECTRA® 3D Imaging for patients who desire the following procedures:


Benefits of VECTRA® 3D Imaging

VECTRA® 3D is a visual tool that facilitates easier communication between surgeon and patient. It also gives patients the option to explore the possibilities of their procedure and understand the potential limitations, resulting in a more realistic expectation before the start of a given treatment. Additionally, patients can get a better idea of how a combination of procedures would benefit them and help them achieve their aesthetic goals.


Which breast augmentation options can VECTRA® 3D Imaging simulate?

VECTRA® 3D is an excellent tool for seeing which implant size and type would deliver the results you desire. It can also be used to see whether breast augmentation with implants or fat grafting would yield the ideal outcome. With breast surgery, there are seemingly endless possibilities, many of which can be simulated with VECTRA® 3D Imaging.

Will VECTRA® 3D Imaging consider my asymmetrical features when generating my results?

Yes, VECTRA® 3D takes precise measurements of the target area, including any natural asymmetries. Dr. Mess can then demonstrate how your asymmetrical features can be corrected using this imaging technology.

How accurate is VECTRA® 3D Imaging?

While VECTRA® 3D Imaging is designed to develop an accurate depiction of what your results of a particular procedure will look like, there may be some slight differences in the actual outcome. However, patients typically report high levels of satisfaction after comparing their VECTRA® 3D models with their real results.

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