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American Laser Center Closed. Where do I go for hair removal now?

Wednesday November 4, 2015 | Uncategorized

About a year ago American Laser Center filed for bankruptcy and abruptly closed their doors. They left thousands of laser hair removal patients stuck mid treatment. We heard about the closing from an industry rep who said we might pick up some patients. We were a little surprised at what “some patients” turned out to be. The influx of laser hair patients prompted Dr. Mess to invest in a second laser hair removal device specifically to provide faster treatment for darker skin types.

The opposite of a chain, Dr. Mess is a board certified plastic surgeon who performs a wide range of surgical procedures from fat transfer to breast augmentation to tummy tucks. She is also a strong believer in the benefit of technologies and devices in aesthetic medicine. She was an early adopter of lasers, BBL, Coolsculpting, radio frequency, and laser hair removal devices. As a solo practitioner with one location she is on the opposite end of the spectrum from a nationwide chain.

Most laser hair removal treatments are sold in packages for good reason. Regardless of the laser, patients will need a series of six or more treatments to achieve their hair removal goals. Package pricing helps ensure patients will maintain their schedule and get the results they are looking for. We provide package discounts as well so packages are also more economical than individual treatment pricing. Most patients take full advantage of package pricing, but many former American Laser Center patients do not. Most of these patients lost money when American Laser Center went out of business. Once bitten, twice shy, they often opt to pay for individual treatments rather than a package. Given their experience it’s understandable, so we gladly offer individual treatment pricing as well as package pricing for laser hair removal.

Choosing the right laser. Dr. Mess trialed several lasers before deciding on the Clarity laser. We have a very diverse patient population, so any laser we considered had to provide safe, effective, and comfortable laser hair treatments for skin of color. Olive and other darker skin types need to be treated with an NDYag laser for safe laser hair removal. Clarity provides fast and safe NDYag hair removal for our Latin, Indian, Asian, African American patients while the dual wavelength Alexandrite setting provides the same for our lighter skinned patients. With Clarity we can provide the best laser hair removal experience for all our patients regardless of skin type.

Dr Mess and her staff are committed to providing the absolute best options for patients to achieve their aesthetic goals. If getting rid of unwanted hair is one of yours please call the office our office. You’ll be glad you did.

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