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Fat Transfer: A Solution for ‘Tuberous Breasts’

Wednesday January 24, 2018 | Breast Augmentation, Breast Reconstruction, Fat Transfer

Many women know all-too-well what “tuberous breasts” are. Disproportionally shaped due to a congenital abnormality, the breast appears tube-shaped with a puffy areola, narrow base, and nipple pointing downward.

Usually, both breasts are affected but sometimes it is only one.

A variety of problems can include:

  • Breasts narrower than preferred and tube-like, often pointing downward
  • Fold beneath the breast is higher than normal
  • Areola protrudes unnaturally
  • Underdeveloped size

Correcting tuberous breasts requires reshaping and volumizing. Dr. Mess transplants fat from other parts of your body to bring proportion to your breasts or make one match the other. If necessary, she can also use fat transfer to:

  • Soften the feel of existing implants
  • Fill in the “dents” left from lumpectomy
  • Enhance reconstructions after mastectomy
  • Match asymmetric breasts
  • Restore deflated breasts after breastfeeding

Tuberous breasts are more common than you might think. Too often they go untreated due to physicians who don’t know how to help or not knowing about new treatment options.

Correcting tuberous breast with fat transfer is achieved by changing the proportion of the area around the areola to match the rest of the breast so that there is more fullness in the surrounding areas and less behind the nipple and areola. The fat is placed to create a beautiful decolletage and center the nipple on the breast.

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Many patients with tuberous breasts come to us with the very natural desire to fix the problem. Historically, implants and breast lifts that leave scars have been used. Now Dr. Sarah Mess offers a nearly scarless, natural solution. It’s perfectly natural to want to feel great about your body and Dr. Sarah Mess is here to help.

Is that great news? There is a way to fix this problem — using fat from other parts of the body. Patients enjoy a two for one, body contouring of possibly unwanted fat and enhancement of their breasts.

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