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Smooth Complexions and Spotless Skin

Friday September 25, 2015 | Age Defense

How to get rid of Brown Spots,

Blemishes and Broken Vessels?

Smooth complexions and spotless skin are prized beauty attributes for both men and women. While many of us have these qualities in our youth, most, if not all of us will develop brown spots, wrinkles, and broken capillaries as we age. The more sun exposure you have, the more likely you are to have them. For most of us that means our faces, hands and décolletage will all show signs of sun damage and aging. This type of damage happens gradually so many do not notice the changes in their skin, and those that do notice are not always sure what they can do about it. So how do you get rid of brown spots, blemishes and broken vessels? BBL combined with targeted skin care is one of the most effective treatments to erase summer’s sun damage and restore youthful looking skin.

Before/After | Five months post 1 tx |

Before/After | Five months post 1 tx |

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Banish Brown Spots Now!
BBL treatments (sometimes referred to as IPL treatments) erase visible sun damage, brown spots, and blood vessels with a series of intense light pulses. In addition to correcting these common skin blemishes, BBL works to stimulate collagen production to produce healthier, younger looking skin. It is a safe treatment with no downtime and great results. If you’ve enjoyed a sun filled summer, fall is the best time of year to reset the clock on sun damage and age related skin imperfections.

Before/After | 1 tx |

Before/After | Two months post 1 tx |



Lytera System


1.    Lytera Skin Brightening Complex. Brightens dull skin and difminishes the appearance of darks spots with results as early as 4 weeks.

2.    Retinol Complex to help exfoliate skin and reduce visible signs of aging.

3.    AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser works with Retinol Complex to help reveal fresh skin and boost the brightening power of Lytera.


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