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Breast Augmentation

Enhance the Size and Shape of Your Breasts

Breast augmentation has helped women all over the world get the fuller breasts they desire and last year 300,000 women in the U.S. had breast augmentation surgery.1 If you have always had naturally small breasts or your breasts have lost volume over time, breast enhancement surgery can provide the size, shape, and look you desire. Dr. Sarah Mess is known for her exceptional qualifications and excellent results. As a breast augmentation specialist in Columbia, Maryland and DMV she focuses on delivering results that help women feel more attractive, confident, and desirable.

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Thinking About Having a Breast Augmentation?

Undergoing breast surgery can improve your life in a multitude of ways. Here are some of the many benefits patients generally experience after having breast augmentation surgery.

Increased Self-Confidence
Women and men consistently associate shapely, full breasts with beauty. Breast enhancement surgery can improve your body image and allow you to feel more attractive in or out of your clothes. Enjoy the results with increased self-confidence, because when you look good, you feel good.

Look Great Without a Bra
Breast augmentation gives you the ability to just throw on a shirt and head out the door without worrying about your breasts looking small or flat without a bra. You are no longer limited to particular clothing styles that cover your bra; if you want to wear a backless top or dress and have trouble finding a bra that doesn’t show, you can simply forego the bra and still look fabulous!

Wider Clothing Options
A fuller bust can balance your frame and improve the fit of many different types of clothing and swimsuits. Larger breasts can also contribute to more of an hourglass figure, which means that a wider variety of clothing will look better on you. Rounder, fuller breasts make bra shopping easier since push-ups are no longer required to achieve your desired breast appearance.

Get More Attention
Whether you opt for a more natural breast augmentation appearance or large, round high profile breasts you are sure to garner your fair share of attention when you walk into a room. Men and women will appreciate your alluring appearance. Some may wonder if you were born with great genes while others may just want to know how you found your surgeon.

Feel More Youthful
Breast augmentation can restore breast volume and improve the breast shape for women who have gone through pregnancy and breastfeeding or significant weight loss. Deflated breasts and loose breast skin often make a woman feel that she looks older than she is, and breast augmentation surgery can restore a more youthful, attractive appearance that can make her feel young again.

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Decision aid

Download the Free Breast Augmentation Decision Aid

What is the purpose of this decision aid?

  • Introduce the decisions necessary to consider before breast augmentation surgery
  • Educate you on the essential information you need to know to make each decision.
  • Identify your goals, values, and preferences relevant to each decision and cleary communicate them to your Plastic Surgery team.

VECTRA® 3D Imaging

Our office utilizes VECTRA® 3D Imaging to provide a high-resolution, three dimensional simulation of how your results may appear. During your consultation with Dr. Mess, your preferences and goals will be discussed to determine which procedures can achieve your desired results. You will have multiple photos taken from various angles, and the images are then transferred to our computer system. Using these photos, a three-dimensional model is created, and your simulated procedure results are added to display the expected outcome. This process allows a visual aspect for more accurate treatment plans and procedure result estimates.

Your Breast Augmentation Options

Dr. Sarah Mess will evaluate your natural body type and breast shape before discussing the best options to achieve your breast enhancement goals.

Large & Round Breast Implants

  • High profile, round implants will achieve more projection and a fuller appearance
  • This breast type is for those who want it to be apparent to others that they have undergone breast augmentation surgery
  • Some women want large, round breasts because they feel that these are the most aesthetically pleasing and will achieve the body shape they desire
  • This type of breast generally gives the patient increased confidence and garners more attention

Natural-Looking Breast Implants

  • Teardrop-shaped implants (anatomically shaped) and lower profile round implants will achieve a more natural breast appearance
  • This breast type is voluptuous yet not obvious to others that they are implants
  • Some women desire breasts that look and feel very natural so that people are left to wonder whether they have been surgically enhanced or not
  • This type of breast achieves a more proportionate body that generally gives the patient more confidence and helps her fit into a wider variety of clothing

Before & After Breast Augmentation Photos

Breast Augmentation - 300 cc Saline, Smooth Round Moderate Profile, Submuscular, Inframammary

Breast Augmentation - 475 Saline, Smooth Round Moderate Profile, Submuscular, Inframammary

Breast Augmentation - 390 cc Saline, Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile, Submuscular, Periareolar

Breast Augmentation - 350 cc Silicone Gel, Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile, Submuscular, Inframammary

Breast Augmentation - 275 cc Saline, Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile, Submuscular, Inframammary

Breast Augmentation - 200 cc Silicone Gel, Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile, Submuscular, Inframammary

Breast Augmentation - 250 cc Silicone Gel, Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile, Submuscular, Inframammary

Breast Augmentation - 400 cc Silicone Gel, Smooth Round High Profile, Submuscular, Inframammary

You've Just Had a Breast Augmentation! Now What?

Breast augmentation recovery times will vary depending on the surgical techniques used and the patient’s individual anatomy, but the following general timeline gives you an idea of what to expect after breast augmentation.

Immediately After

After surgery, the breasts will be bandaged, and a compression garment will be applied to support the new breasts as they heal.

Some discomfort may be present, but this will be alleviated with prescription medication.

1 Week

Most patients are able to return to work and light activities.

3 Weeks

The majority of swelling resolves, and the breasts will begin to settle into their final position.

6 Weeks

Patients can generally resume exercise and their normal routine.

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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Like any substantial investment, it is important to have a realistic understanding of the costs of breast augmentation surgery. While we can’t provide an exact quote prior to your consult with Dr. Mess, we are happy to give you a general price range for breast augmentation surgery so you can plan appropriately. Things like choice of implant and whether or not you need a breast lift or nipple repair can affect the cost of your procedure. These are just some of the details that you and Dr. Mess will discuss during your consultation. When your final surgical plan is determined you will receive a breast augmentation quote specific to your procedure plan. Surgical estimates from Dr. Mess are comprehensive. They include:

  • All office visits before and after your surgery,
  • Operating Room time and supplies in our accredited surgery center
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Your silicone gel or saline breast implants
  • Special post-surgery bra

What’s not included? Our quotes do not include costs for pre-operative testing with your primary care, Mammograms, or costs for medications.

Price range for breast augmentation with implants: $6,500 – 7,500.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

Are Women Usually Happy After Breast Augmentation?

Studies conducted to evaluate patient satisfaction after breast augmentation report a very high level of satisfaction and an increase in self-esteem.2 Most women who have breast implants say that they would choose to have breast augmentation again.1

Will I Be Able to Breastfeed With Breast Implants?

Breastfeeding does not come easily to every new mother, but if you had sufficient milk-producing glands prior to breast augmentation surgery, you should be able to breastfeed after your augmentation. The type of incision can possibly have an impact on your future ability to breastfeed, so let Dr. Mess know about any future plans to breastfeed when you are discussing your treatment plan.3 Studies have shown that it is safe to breastfeed with breast implants.4

Are There Any Risks Associated With Breast Augmentation Surgery?

All surgeries carry some risk of complications or side effects. Breast augmentation is considered a safe surgery when performed by a qualified surgeon.5 Potential risks include infection, bleeding, changes in sensation and general anesthesia risks.6 Dr. Mess will prioritize your safety and she will explain all possible risks during your consultation appointment.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery may be right for you if you have always wanted larger breasts, or if you feel like your breasts look “deflated” after pregnancy, aging, or weight loss. Breast augmentation candidates should be in good general health, have realistic expectations, and be personally motivated to have surgery.7

Have More Questions About Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Mess has the skills, experience, and artistic eye to produce subtle or significant enhancement for your beautiful, customized breasts. Get the breasts you’ve always wanted with Dr. Sarah Mess. View real patient reviews from Dr. Mess’ patients here.

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