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Skin Care for Men

Dr. Mess is strong proponent of quality skincare products. The right product can improve the quality and appearance of your skin and reduce the risks of skin cancer and other serious skin ailments. Most men know this, but they have a hard time sticking to the same products and regimens that our female patients use. For men the products don’t feel right, don’t smell right, and don’t work with men’s daily routines. Men need something different. Dr. Mess found that something different…..Turo Skin Care for Men.



Real World. Real Men. Real Differences.

TURO SKIN is a multi-beneficial, simplified skin care system specifically formulated for the personal care needs of men. This advanced collection offers essential quick and easy to understand solutions for face, shave, hair and body. TURO SKIN provides nourishing and safe skin care products ideal for the active lifestyle of men today.

TURO SKIN for men includes products that are quick and easy to use and cover the active man’s needs. TURO SKIN is formulated with unique nourishing blends of plant extracts and a clean, fresh citrus scent.

TURO SKIN answers a new challenge: to create personal care products specifically designed for the most sophisticated male customer; for those men of every age and attitude who can appreciate new advances in technology from direct, straightforward, ultra-premium products with no fuss solutions.


Why Turo Men?

Fact 1: Because men’s skin and scalp differ from women’s, it needs to be treated differently. Men are more prone to sensitivity, itchness, irritation, redness, and other unpleasant skin and scalp conditions.

Fact 2: The Turo Men collection is tailored to men’s essential need for high-performance skin, scalp, and hair management that’s easy and effective to use.

Fact 3: Each product features our exclusive multi-beneficial skincare system specifically formulated for the personal care needs of Turo Men. With 10 years of active in-depth surgical and clinical research and development, TURO SKIN is at the forefront of breakthrough technology.

Men desire efficiency and simplicity in their daily skin care routine.   Turo men’s skin care line is simple to use, highly effective, and combines a maximum number of ingredients packed into each formula to assure the benefits of skin care in as few steps as possible.

Why not keep to your daily routine of shaving, but realize the benefits of exfoliation, anti-wrinkle ingredients, antioxidants, and optimal lubrication? Each product in the TURO SKIN line has been created for efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of use. For example, the daily moisturizing lotion (after shave) moisturizes, has broad-spectrum SPF 15, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and has a light, non-greasy feel with a subtle citrus scent. TURO SKIN products are hypoallergenic and dermatology tested. The bottom line – they feel great, they foster healthy looking skin, and they protect.

TURO SKIN delivers the performance that you should expect from a clinically-proven line of skin products, designed exclusively for men  – all while protecting you from the negative aspects of outdoor exposure that comes with an active lifestyle.

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Thoughts and Tips on Grooming From Turo

Men have it rough

Men are admittedly a little rough, sometimes sweaty and let’s not forget hairy – none of which is all that appealing if it isn’t under control. But with the proper skin care, those manly characteristics start to look and sound a whole lot better.

Turo Skin’s was developed by top chemists and physicians to penetrate and protect the thicker, rougher skin that men have. Turo Skin’s physician recommended formulas take into account the skin care issues that are faces specifically by men… everything from the effects of daily shaving to men’s propensity to perspire.

Turo Skin is physician recommended skin care FOR MEN. Physician recommended as in, this is about more than smelling nice, this is important for your health. Skin cancer is the #1 cancer in men over 50 – not prostate cancer, not lung cancer… skin cancer. That is why proper skin care and protection should be right up there with everything else you do to take care of you. And the bonus is that unlike that annual prostate exam, Turo Skin will have you looking better and younger than you ever have before. Men who use TuroSkin are quite literally putting their best face forward – which has been proven to make them feel more confident throughout the day.

Our clinical research has shown us how important it is for men to exfoliate their skin. It also has shown us that most men don’t do things like exfoliate because it is one more step that they aren’t going to take when they already have to shave and maybe (just maybe) moisturize. That is why Turo Skin puts the exfoliator into its shave product – along with skin conditioners and moisturizers. All Turo Skin products do more than one thing. Because while we all agree that moisturizer is good – we also agree that a non-comedogenic moisturizer that protects, contains essential anti-oxidants, provides sun protection and prevents wrinkles is so much better. Why buy pre-shave, shaving cream and after-shave when you can find something better than all three in a single bottle? And no we didn’t just pour a bunch of different products together and hope for the best. Turo Skin is dermatologist recommended skin care because our doctors and scientists developed proprietary formulas that work together to enable a single product to deliver a multitude of results.

You are active. Shouldn’t your skin care be too?

You lead an active lifestyle. You are busy – at work, working out, and trying to get as much done as you possibly can. That is why Turo Skin is only not only skincare for active men… it is also active skincare for men.

When you use a regular shaving cream, it just sits there, and you do the work by shaving. When you apply a Turo Skin shaving product, it immediately becomes active. It is exfoliating, moisturizing and penetrating your skin. A traditional acne cream is a passive drying agent. Turo skin acne spot treatment actively suppresses redness, diminishes shine and exfoliates for penetration. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, and it gets rid of acne by treating it not just topically, but at every phase. Sunscreen is great, but a broad spectrum SPF 30 that is sweat and water resistant and contains soothing agents, skin brighteners and antioxiants is a lot more active. And even when you finally pack it in for the night, Turo Skin night cream is actively combating wrinkles with encapsulated retinol and tegopep, imparting antioxidants and rehydrating your skin after a long day of environmental exposure. Turo skin truly is active skin care for the active lifestyle of today’s man.

Turo Skin. For your face. For your hair. For your body. For your health.

Dr. Mess is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). She is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). She is a plastic surgeon of distinction with the experience and training to provide results that match your vision.

Dr. Mess looks forward to meeting you during your initial consultation to discuss your aesthetic options.

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