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Transforming Your Journey: Post Medical Weight Loss Treatments

Thursday February 8, 2024 | Body Contouring, Botox, Breast Augmentation, Coolsculpting, Dermal Fillers, Emsculpt®

As a dedicated plastic surgeon serving the vibrant communities of Columbia, Maryland, and the DMV area, Dr. Sarah Mess understands firsthand the incredible transformations brought about by medical weight loss. However, one challenge many face after significant weight loss is skin laxity. Our practice is committed to guiding patients through the array of treatment options…

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Post-Weight Loss Procedures: Transforming Lives After Prescription Medication Success

Wednesday June 14, 2023 | Body Contouring

Losing weight and keeping it off is an incredible accomplishment. Prescription medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Semaglutide are transforming weight loss in remarkable ways, but significant weight loss can leave behind loose skin, stubborn fat deposits, and other aesthetic concerns. In such cases, surgical and non-surgical post-weight loss procedures offer patients the opportunity to complete…

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Enhance Your Physique With Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

Tuesday March 19, 2019 | Body Contouring, Coolsculpting, Emsculpt®

Non-surgical body sculpting is a fantastic way to enhance your physique without going into surgery. Emsculpt® technology is among the best non-surgical methods for sculpting your body into the ideal form. There are numerous advantages to using Emsculpt®, and the results are often quite spectacular. What Is Emsculpt®? Emsculpt® is a procedure that utilizes high-intensity…

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Transform Your Body — And Life — With Coolsculpting

Friday December 22, 2017 | Body Contouring

What if there were an effective treatment to deal with stubborn, exercise-resistant fat that doesn’t involve endless hours of cardio, diets, liposuction, scars, or surgery? What if you could get liposuction-like results with zero needles, surgery, or downtime? Dr. Sarah Mess has the solution you’ve been looking for. Coolsculpting® is an exciting new FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure that targets…

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What’s Hot in 2016?

Tuesday January 12, 2016 | Age Defense, Body Contouring, Breast Augmentation, Labiaplasty

Happy New Year! Each year we like to take a look back at the year we are leaving behind and forward to the one ahead. Top surgical mainstays like breast augmentation and liposuction continue to top the list of most requested surgical procedures, but new procedures and products have made a splash in 2015. Which…

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Why Not Combine a Tummy Tuck with Brazilian Butt Lift?

Tuesday December 1, 2015 | Body Contouring

The two main reasons we don’t do breast work, tummy tuck, and butt augmentation in the same surgery are: 1. It makes for a very long surgery and  2. More importantly, it doesn’t allow for an ideal recovery. ​​It’s common to do a tummy tuck and breast work at the same time. The first week…

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A Brand New You – Coolsculpting Revealed.

Tuesday February 3, 2015 | Body Contouring

What can I expect from Coolsculpting? “Manage expectations”. It’s good advice. Whether trying to manage a schedule, a budget, people, or children, managing expectations is critical to the success of most any venture. It’s something we all do on some level every day, and we all have our success stories and examples of where we’ve…

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Say Goodbye to Stubborn Outer Thigh Fat!

Wednesday July 9, 2014 | Body Contouring

CONSISTENT AND EFFECTIVE RESULTS In a recent CoolSmooth™ clinical study where patients recieved unilateral outer thigh treatments: 86% of patients noticed visible fat reduction after just one treament 86% of patients were satisfied with their results 89% would recommend the CoolSculpting™ procedue to a friend THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAT REDUCTION AND WEIGHT LOSS It’s a…

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The real skinny on body contouring…

Saturday May 31, 2014 | Body Contouring

So what’s the real skinny? We offer three different options to help trim your waistline and get your curves back where you want them. Coolsculpting, Liposuction, and Tummy Tuck. You can find lots of information about them on our website, but a lot of patients still ask, Ok, so what’s the best procedure? What’s the…

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