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Fat Transfer to the Breast

Monday June 15, 2015 | Breast Augmentation

Top off your décolletage with your derrière at the office of Dr. Sarah Mess in Columbia. Now liposuctioned fat from your lateral and medial thighs can be transferred to your breasts.  Enjoy a slimmer thigh silhouette and a fuller breast with one procedure. The fat is liposuctioned with small-diameter cannulas and collected into a cannister that allows washing with saline, filtering with gravity, and concentrating with absorption.  Dr. Sarah Mess utlilizes single-use, sterile equipment and closed-collection systems to ensure the utmost in safety.  The liposuction sites are chosen by patient and doctor for maximal benefits to body contours and procedural ease. Fat can be removed from the thigh, abdomen or back via a tiny incision. There are no incisions to the breast, simply needle puncture. The pure fat is placed artfully into the breast with sterile, single-use cannulas and small syringes in unique micro tunnels.  The fine threads of fat from the thighs become living volume in the décolletage, soft and beautiful. May your cup always be more than half full at the office of Dr. Sarah Mess in Columbia, Maryland.

Fat transfer to the breast is a long-established, safe procedure.  Studies of women receiving fat transfer for breast reconstruction have shown no increased risk of breast cancer or recurrence.  The Nottingham Breast Institute followed 600 patients after breast cancer treatment and found no increased risk of cancer after breast reconstruction with fat grafting.  Many other studies of breast cancer reconstruction with fat grafting show no increased risk of recurrence.  Fat grafting has not hindered mammograms either despite criticism that fat necrosis following fat grafting causes microcalcifications. Microcalcifications can occur after any breast surgery, i.e. breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation.  These breast surgeries are accepted for their radiologic safety. Radiologists capably interpret the microcalcifications of scar tissue versus those of cancer. A study of over 9,000 women half with breast reduction and half without breast surgery showed no increased call back or difficulty interpreting mammograms in the breast reduction group compared to the control (Clinical Radiology, 2010). Fat grafting with meticulously prepared fat and micro grafting forms far less scar tissue and fat necrosis than breast reduction. Fat grafting to the breasts has fewer risks than breast augmentation with implants which is one of the top five aesthetic surgical procedures.

The recovery of fat transfer to the breast typically involves just a long weekend to a week of rest, with some pain medication. Patients may experience swelling and bruising for approximately two to six weeks. They may return to exercise at two weeks although slender patients are cautioned not to diet and exercise away the newly transferred fat. The volume change is established at six months. The procedure may be repeated if more volume is desired. The volume change is variable, approximately 50-60% of the fat transferred remains long term.  The office of Dr. Sarah Mess suggests BRAVA bra for patients with tight skin and small breasts. These are worn at night for three weeks prior to the fat transfer to expand the skin and enhance the volume addition.  Dr. Sarah Mess helps patients decide whether they want to use BRAVA before their fat transfer.  In a comprehensive initial meeting, patients can review their goals and options, including fat transfer alone, fat transfer and lift, fat transfer and breast implant at in-depth consultations with Dr. Sarah Mess. See more before and after photos. Return for a planning session before your procedure. May your cup always be more than half full with Dr. Sarah Mess in Columbia, Maryland.


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