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Freeze Your Fat? It’s Science, Not Science Fiction

Thursday June 27, 2019 | Coolsculpting

Ever wanted to look thinner and more defined but don’t have time to go to the gym or recover from surgery? Then, CoolSculpting is the thing for you! CoolSculpting is an innovative, non- invasive way to shape your body by freezing away unwanted fat. CoolSculpting works by delivering controlled cooling gently and effectively to targeted fat cells while leaving the skin blemish free. Once the fat cells are treated, they vanish….forever. After becoming FDA approved in 2010, CoolSculpting slowly swept the world of plastic surgery of its feet. Come in today for a consult to determine what works best for you! At this consult you will discuss what areas of fat you would like to treat and if you would be a suitable candidate for this non-surgical procedure. What can be treated by CoolSculpting might surprise you. CoolSculpting can treat under your chin, your bra fat, back fat, abdomen, thighs, arms,  flanks, and underneath the buttocks. The most popular treatment areas are abdomen and flanks. Most patients start with 4-8 applicators, costing around $2,700- $4,500. However, your treatment plan and price will vary depending on how many areas you are treating, how much tissue you need to treat, and the level of results you are looking for.

Some frequently asked question about CoolSculpting:

How long does it take?

It takes about 30 minutes per applicator; however, we have two Coolsculpting machines so we can dualsculpt and use 2 applicators a time. What you want to treat and how many applicators you need will all determine the amount of time your treatment will take. Come in for a consult to get your very own CoolSculpting plan made for you!

What does it feel like?

A gel pad or gel and applicator will be placed on the targeted area. The applicators use a vacuum that will draw in the tissue, pulling it into the applicator cup. You may feel pulling, tugging, or mild pinching. The treatment is not painful, but it may feel a little weird (who came up with the idea to freeze your fat anyway……..a couple of Harvard dermatologists that’s who…..). After the applicator vacuums in the tissue, controlled cooling is projected throughout the targeted area. This may cause you to feel a cool sensation throughout your body. This feeling subsides in about 10 minutes, as the treatment area becomes numb. During this procedure you can read, catch up on work, watch tv, or even take a power nap.

Where does the fat go?

When the treated fat cells become crystallized (frozen), the body will naturally terminate the cells. Once the cells are gone, they are gone forever!

When will I see results?

Some patients see results as early as 3-4 weeks after their session, and those results will improve over the next 8 weeks. At the 3 month mark the fat elimination process will be complete and you’ll be showing off your Coolsculpting results. Schedule your complimentary Coolsculpting consultation today with one of our experts to see how Coolsculpting and Dr. Mess can help you achieve your body goals.

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