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When to Consider Breast Revision Surgery

Wednesday January 9, 2019 | Breast Revision Surgery

Most patients who have had a breast augmentation will at some point need to consider an augmentation revision. Aging, the effects of gravity, and changing perceptions of attractiveness can all prompt patients to choose breast revision surgery. Deciding when to get breast revision surgery is a critical step for anyone to take if they find that they are becoming unhappy with the appearance of their breasts. Still, it can be tricky for patients to understand when it is a good idea to consider surgery.

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First Things First

Before you think about breast revision, make sure you are healthy enough for surgery. It is essential to take a full accounting of mental health and any extraordinary stressors that could impair judgment. Usually, it is best to avoid getting cosmetic surgery in the middle of significant life changes or during times of financial difficulty. Simply put, patients should make sure they are undergoing breast revision surgery at the right time in their life and with the correct motives.

Changing Preferences

Your 40-year-old self may make a very different implant choice than your 20-year-old self. Bigger, smaller, more projection, less projection, shaped, softer—implants come in all types of shapes and sizes, and as people mature, their ideal aesthetic beauty may evolve. Whether it’s a change in lifestyle or simply a change in taste, many women will naturally want to update their look to be relevant and fashion-forward at different stages of their life.

Correcting a Previous Augmentation

Breast augmentations almost always produce great results when performed by a reputable surgeon. Still, plenty of things can go wrong with the procedure. Symmastia, also known as uniboob, and imbalanced breast size can occur. Also, many women desire to change the placement of their implants from subglandular to submuscular or vice-versa. In these cases, breast revision is a fantastic option for obtaining the desired appearance.


Fighting Time

A woman’s breasts can change due to aging, time, or circumstance. Breast implants can shift or deflate over the years and therefore become asymmetrical. Capsular contracture can make implants hard and misshapen. Some patients will want to improve the fullness or firmness of their breasts. When breast tissue has changed significantly due to weight loss or aging, it can be an excellent time to consider a revision.

Unhappy With Your Appearance

The ultimate reason to consider breast revision surgery often comes down to dissatisfaction with the look of the breasts or implants. If a patient is sure that they no longer enjoy their physique, then they should take action to resculpt the body to their liking. Confidence and comfort in one’s skin are well worth getting surgery to correct breast implants.

Looking at Your Options

When considering breast revision surgery, it is important to understand the different approaches that are available. Exploring the various methods of breast revision will arm you with knowledge so that you can make the best choice for your surgery. Anyone considering breast revision should understand the differences in today’s implants and options for non-implant augmentation like fat transfer to breast. It is also imperative to understand the pre-operative and post-operative requirements associated with each procedure so that you can plan appropriately and get the best results possible.

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Implant Type

There are two main styles of implant available to you, and both can improve your existing augmentation. Dr. Sarah Mess offers both saline and silicone implants. Both types of implant have different advantages and disadvantages that should be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation, though it should be noted that patients must be 22 years old to get silicone implants. There are many brands of implant available, such as Mentor® MemoryShape™, Sientra® OPUS™, and Allergan’s Natrelle INSPIRA™ line. In your consultation, ask your specialist to help you find the best implant for your body type and goals.

Enhancing Your Revision

There are a few ways that your breast revision can produce even better results. Many patients decide that it is best to combine a breast lift with their revision surgery. Adding a breast lift to the revision procedure is helpful for women who may experience drooping or sagging breasts. It also allows for better placement of the nipple. Some patients may need to consider synthetic dermal support to provide structural enhancement to the breasts. Ever hear the term “internal bra”? Products like GalaFLEX® mesh can provide extra support in complex breast revision surgery cases.

Preparing for Surgery

Before surgery, there are a few necessary steps to take to ensure optimal results for your breast revision. First of all, if you smoke, now is the time to quit. We recommend that you abstain from smoking for a minimum of four weeks before and four weeks after your surgery. It is also vital that you disclose any medications and supplements that you take, as many substances can cause your blood to thin, potentially causing complications during and after your surgery.

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Your recovery time will be unique to you; however, it will start with a post-surgical bra and bandages during the initial healing stages. In some cases, pain medication is prescribed for soreness and swelling, both of which are natural after most surgeries. Most patients return to work several days after their surgery. After a few weeks, you will see stunning results that can be positively life-changing.


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