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Aging, genetics, and childbirth can cause the labia minora (inner vaginal lips) to have an irregular size, shape, and/or appearance. They may be enlarged, long, or asymmetrical, which can cause embarrassment and even physical irritation. Labiaplasty surgery addresses these concerns and provides a labial appearance and function that allows women to be both comfortable and confident. Clitoral hood excess can also be addressed laterally for harmony with the reduced labia.

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The Labiaplasty Procedure

Labiaplasty surgery or Vaginal Rejuvenation is performed with local anesthesia and takes one to two hours to complete. A numbing cream readily absorbs into the labia, and a painless injection of buffered local anesthesia is administered to numb the area completely. Excess labial tissue is removed using a wedge-excision technique that preserves the natural borders of the labia, including the color, contour, and texture. The scar will be inconspicuous and is designed to lie in the groove between the labia minora and labia majora. Dr. Mess takes patient input into consideration when placing the incision in order to achieve their desired aesthetics.

Thinking About Having Labiaplasty?

Exercise Without Irritation

Overly large labia minora may be physically in the way and inhibit your performance during exercise and sports. They may rub against each other, your legs, or your clothing and cause irritation and even rashes. Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery can allow you to participate in physical activities without this discomfort.

Have More Clothing Options

The presence of large labia may be uncomfortable in tight jeans, and women are often embarrassed that elongated labia will be visible through swimsuits or tight clothing. After labiaplasty, you can wear a wider variety of clothing without worrying about protruding labia.

Enjoy Intimacy More

Enlarged, asymmetrical, or otherwise irregular labia may cause physical and emotional discomfort that detract from your satisfaction during intimacy. Some women are embarrassed about the appearance of the labia minora and refrain from sexual intimacy altogether. Others may experience physical irritation of their labia during intercourse. Labiaplasty surgery can eliminate physical and emotional distress that may be preventing you from enjoying intimacy.

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Questions about Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty Recovery Timeline

As an outpatient procedure, labiaplasty allows patients to recover in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Dr. Mess will give you specific instructions to follow to ensure you have the safest and most effective recovery possible.

Days 1 through 3

Results will be immediately apparent, but swelling and mild discomfort will likely exist. Patients should relax and recline with ice packs. After the third day of recovery, most patients can return to work.

Weeks 2 to 3

The absorbable sutures may cause itching as the tissues heal, and the remaining sutures will be removed. Patients may resume exercise but should avoid mechanical rubbing of the labia, such as with bicycle riding, horseback riding, and sexual intercourse.

After Week 6

Patients may resume sexual intercourse, strenuous exercise, and other regular activities.

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How much does a Labiaplasty cost?

We believe patients make better decisions when they understand the options and cost ranges for labiaplasty. We are happy to provide a basic price range for labiaplasty, but final costs cannot be determined prior to your consult with Dr. Mess.

The best way to know about procedure pricing is to come in for a consult with Dr. Mess. Our Columbia office is conveniently located and easily assessable from both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Your comprehensive labiaplasty quote will also include the following:

  • All appointments before and after your procedure
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Facility and supply fees

Price Range for a Labiaplasty- $4000- $5500

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