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What’s Hot in 2016?

Tuesday January 12, 2016 | Age Defense, Body Contouring, Breast Augmentation, Labiaplasty

Happy New Year! Each year we like to take a look back at the year we are leaving behind and forward to the one ahead. Top surgical mainstays like breast augmentation and liposuction continue to top the list of most requested surgical procedures, but new procedures and products have made a splash in 2015. Which are fads and which are favorites? Some of the most exciting 2015 trends in plastic surgery were driven by new products, devices, or techniques. Here’s what made the cut in 2015 and what to look for in 2016:

Kybella and Coolsculpting take on the Double Chin

Patient interest in surgical and non-surgical fat removal is high. Kybella was introduced to select plastic surgeons in 2015 and quickly gained a fast following. The 15 minute procedure melts away double chin fat without downtime, discomfort or surgery and is a perfect fit for busy patients with less than perfect chins. What could be better than that? Well Coolsculpting hopes you think freezing your chin fat is better than melting it. Dr Mess was an early adopter of Coolsculpting’s innovative fat freezing technology so when we were offered the chance to be one of the first practices to offer the CoolMini we jumped. The Coolmini is the perfect compliment to Kybella and excels on patients with moderate to moderate plus chin fat. What’s in store for 2016? You can look forward to these two technology driven treatments gaining momentum as more patients see the results from non-invasive fat treatments.

Fat: Remove it

Coolsculpting and Liposuction topped the list as most popular 2015 procedures and we look for the trend to continue in 2016. The simple fact is that the majority of us have more fat than we want, and more and more patients are choosing Coolsculpting or liposuction to remove it. We thought these body shaping procedures had reached their peak in 2014, but in 2015 demand for both outpaced that of 2014, and we expect the trend to continue in 2016.

Fat: Move it

No other plastic surgery trend captured as much attention in 2015 as the Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer craze. Fueled by prominent celebrities with more prominent backsides, 2015 was the year of the butt. We project the backside trend will remain popular in 2016 but we see another fat transfer procedure picking up steam: Fat Transfer to the Breast. Breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants remains one of the most requested surgical procedures worldwide, but fat transfer is the implant of the future. Fat transfer to the breast creates natural looking and feeling breasts, and patients enjoy the added benefits of target area liposuction. Many patients can’t decide which to be happier about, their fuller bust or their smaller waist. In 2016 we expect more patients to choose fat transfer breast augmentation over traditional implants.

Millennials embrace cosmetic procedures

The majority of aesthetic patients want to look better, and by better, they mean younger. Millennials require a different approach. The majority of millennials are young enough that they shouldn’t worry about looking younger. Facebook, Instagram and a host of other social media options keep millennials in touch, and while friends and followers will appreciate flawless skin and a smooth complexion, they’ll also quickly spot a frozen forehead or overdone filler. Injectables such as Botox or fillers can help you look your best, but this age group looks best with a light touch. Consult with an experienced injector and find out what injectables make the most sense for you. Injections, Coolsculpting, and Laser Hair Removal top the list for millennials in 2015 and we expect the trend to continue in 2016 and beyond.

Non-invasive skin tightening

You may not be able to beat gravity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put up a good fight. Every year we see a host of new devices designed to tighten skin without surgery. The best device of 2015 for non-invasive skin tightening is Infini. It combines targeted radio frequency with micro needling to produce exceptional results. Eyelid lift without surgery? Look for Infini to make it possible in 2016.

FemGen Rejuvenation on the Rise

Vaginal aesthetic procedures are in demand and on the rise. Normal labial appearance can vary greatly from one individual to the next, but various factors from genetics to childbirth can affect the size or shape of the labia and leave women uncomfortable during sex or self-conscious with their appearance in bathing suits or tight clothes. Procedures such as labiaplasty can minimize overly large or asymmetric labia and provide comfort and confidence. This 2015 trend will continue in 2016 as more and more women discover the benefits of vaginal aesthetic surgery. The FemGen trend is here to stay. Look for more device based FemGen treatments in 2016.

Men Want Less Wrinkles, Less Fat, Less Hair on their Back, and more on their Head

Men make up about 10% of plastic surgery patients. The most common treatments are Coolsculpting, Liposuction, Laser Hair Removal, and yes, Botox. More men have come to realize that a happy and rested look is more attractive than tired eyes and tense brow. Men tend to opt for non-invasive treatments with little to no downtime, but they will definitely opt for surgery when it’s needed to get the results they want. Look for Kybella and Coolsculpting to gain a cult following of men in 2016 and watch for new ways to treat hair loss in men in 2016.

These are just some of the things to watch in 2016. If you want to learn more about your aesthetic options please call the office and schedule a consultation today.

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