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Why Not Combine a Tummy Tuck with Brazilian Butt Lift?

Tuesday December 1, 2015 | Body Contouring

The two main reasons we don’t do breast work, tummy tuck, and butt augmentation in the same surgery are:

1. It makes for a very long surgery and  2. More importantly, it doesn’t allow for an ideal recovery.

​​It’s common to do a tummy tuck and breast work at the same time. The first week to two weeks after these procedures most people are sore and unable to stand completely upright, so you will spend a lot of time sitting down or lying in bed during the initial recovery.

​​When you have fat transfer to the butt you don’t want to sit or sleep on you back for at least two weeks. The pressure from sitting can affect the fat survival and diminish your results, so it’s important to plan for this to get the best results………a​nd that’s at where the problem is. If you can’t stretch out on your stomach and you don’t want to sit or sleep on your back, you don’t have a lot of good options for recovery.

​​Typically patients recover fairly quickly from breast work, but tummy tuck and fat transfer to the butt recoveries take time, and if you can’t sleep on your stomach you are going to find it difficult to stay off of your backside. As a surgeon I can perform all these procedures at the same time, but I rarely do. 


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